Virgin Malaysian Straight Hair 3 Bundle Deal

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Lulu Extension’s Virgin Malaysian Straight Hair blends well with just about any hair type. It has a silky smooth texture that is beautiful and lustrous. This hair is naturally soft and typically has a very slight wavy pattern when dried naturally. It moves and flows freely and holds curls well. It is slightly heavier, thicker, and denser than the Virgin Indian Hair. Our Virgin Malaysian straight hair can be used to achieve a more natural look for African American relaxed hair. Like all of our virgin hair, this gorgeous hair has not been mixed with synthetic hair fibers or hair from different origins. The hair is double drawn with cuticles intact to prevent tangling and shedding problems that are common with inferior low-quality, non-virgin hair.

Country of Origin: Malaysian
Texture: Straight
Virgin Hair: Yes
Weight: 100 grams (3.5 oz) per bundle
Weft: Machine Weft
Bundles Included: 3
Styling: 2 to 3 bundles needed for full weave depending on the length of hair and volume desired

DISCLAIMER: VIRGIN hair only comes in NATURAL hair colors (mainly a blackish brown color), meaning it may need to be dyed and/or cut, and styled to meet your personal preference.

Please note: The hair weft size varies from bundle to bundle. Some bundles may appear larger than others because of the density of the hair on the weft. For Styling Purposes, 2 to 3 bundles are needed for a full installation depending on the length of hair and volume desired. Please consult with a licensed professional stylist to determine the amount of hair necessary to achieve your desired look.